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Braided Wig Maintenance Dos and Don’ts

Braided wigs offer so much variety and fun, which is why you probably own more than one. While you may feel confident about how to care for your wig, there may be some dos and don’ts that you should add to your routine. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the biggest dos and don’ts you should follow when caring for your braided wig.

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Use Special Hair Care Products

While there is a wide variety of hair care and styling products, you want to look for ones that are specifically designed with wig maintenance in mind. Since normal hair care products frequently contain harsh chemicals that could damage the hair in your wig, it’s important you choose only products designed to care for wigs.

Avoid Wearing the Same Wig All the Time

You may be absolutely in love with your Senegalese twist, box braid, or Ghana braid wig, but if you wear it all day everyday, you’re going to quickly destroy your favorite braided wig. The color of the wig will gradually begin to fade and disappear, and even the strands will begin to look as though the color is running out of them. If you want your wig to look as good as it did when you first got it, you will need to rotate it out with at least one or more other wigs. Less frequent use will ensure a longer life.

Preserve Your Wig When not in Use

Since you won’t be wearing your wig 24/7, it’s important that you know how to properly store it when not in use. Don’t ever put your braided wig in a bag or box! Always make sure that you have either hung it up vertically or placed it on a mannequin’s head so that it can retain its shape and properly air out. Keep it out of direct sunlight, and avoid exposure to heat and moisture. If you live in a dry climate, you might want to consider purchasing a humidifier to prevent your wig from drying out. Last but not least, make sure to cover your wig to prevent dust from collecting on it.

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Hopefully you’ve gained some tips that will help you to provide the highest level of maintenance for your braided wigs to ensure their longevity and beauty. Ready to find even more wigs to add to your collection and enhance your style options? You want to look and feel your best everyday, and we want to help you find quality African braided wigs that fit your budget. Shop online at L’Afrihair today to see the variety of Senegalese twist wigs, cornrows, and box braids we offer.

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