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How to find natural-looking braided wigs.

Do you have damaged hair and you are afraid to braid your hair directly in order not to increase the damage? Or
You cannot afford to sit in a beauty salon for hours to get your hair braided? Or
Your hair is undergoing treatment and you just want to keep your hair under protective styling? Or
Do you just want to try braided wigs for the first time?
But then you still want to put on that braided wig which looks natural just as if you braided your hair directly. Yes! Natural-looking braided wigs do exist and they are super dope.
Depending on your budget and the look you will like to go in for, you might have to choose the type of material used for the braided wig. Which could either be a full lace, lace front, or a closure.

Full lace braided wig

Full lace braided wigs are the most natural-looking braided wigs and most expensive of all. They are made with human hair. You can dye the laces to match the color of the wig with the rest of your hair. And, no one will be able to tell whether it is your natural hair that you are sporting or a wig.
Other advantages of full lace braided wigs are; they can be styled into various hairstyles (including a ponytail), they are extremely durable (with proper care, they can last for about a year), perfectly hide your baldness.
To perfectly install your full lace braided wig, you might need the services of a professional hairstylist.

Lace front braided wig

Lace front braided wigs are also natural looking and not as expensive as compared to full lace braided wigs.
A lace front braided wig has all the advantages of a full lace braided wig except for the fact that it has limited styling.
You might not necessarily need the services of a professional hairstylist to perfectly install your front lace braided wig, because some people tend to install it pretty well by themselves.

NOTE: Every braided wig style you achieve with a lace front wig, you can still achieve it with a full lace braided wig

Lace closure braided wig

They are also natural-looking, least expensive, limited styling, and super easy to install.

Can I Purchase natural-looking braided wigs online?

Yes, handmade braided wigs are in high demand. Visit L’AfriHair and get to shop a variety of handmade braided wigs with the finest of materials.

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