Wigs have become so popular in recent years so much that most women  have chosen wigs especially braided wigs instead of braiding their own hair. Each and every lady, student or worker has her own reasons for choosing braided wigs over braiding their natural hair. In this paragraph we are going to be looking at some reasons why students, workers and other ladies prefer braided wigs;

  • Most women say they love braided wigs and choose it over other wigs because it saves time. That is, it is less time consuming in the sense that should in case of an emergency they can easily reach to it and wear it without stress.
  • Moreover some ladies say braided wigs help them to save money because once you acquire a braided wig it can last for a long period of time rather than when they have to braid their natural hair which will need constant braiding after a particular period of time so braided wigs help them to save money.
  • In addition several other women told us that they prefer braided wigs because it gives them different looks at different times corresponding to their dressing. Most at times ladies chose braided wigs based on the dressing they want to put on so it can be a match.
  • Furthermore we came across this particular set of women that told her that they prefer braided wigs because it hides some bad hair conditions like hair breakage and thinning so if you are not close to them you won’t know the bad conditions of their hair all thanks to braided wigs.
  • There is this particular female student that said she choose braided wigs because it helps her protect her natural hair from breakage ,bald hair and thinning since her natural hair isn’t braided all the time. Thus enabling it to grow properly and healthier.
  • Other ladies said they love braided hair because it does not require styling since it has been braided in a particular style they don’t waste time in front of the mirror thinking of which style to style the braided wigs.
  • I was so amazed when this lady told me she chooses braided wigs because it does not need constant commitment that is it does not need constant care like combing and applying oil regularly so they turn to go for it.
  • A career woman said she loves and choose braided wigs because it is convenient when you put them on and you can remove easily when the need be within no time.
  • To conclude I came to understand that several women choose braided wigs because it simply looks like their nature hair and it also boast their self confidence because they are sure of what they are wearing.

        Most women have so many reasons why they decided to choose braided wigs but what so ever reason it might be, it’s always advisable to go in for what pleases you, what makes you happy, what you can afford and what makes you comfortable.

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