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Our goal is to help you sell custom handmade braided wigs at an affordable price without having to deal with hiring, manufacturing, and logistics of getting the wigs in your hand. You do what you do best “ SELL” and we help grow your inventory.

Your Benefits

One of the best benefits of working with us as a wholesaler is the DISCOUNTED PRICES you get OFF THE RETAIL PRICES. if you are buying more than ten (10) wigs from our store, we consider you as a wholesaler and we offer special discounted rates based on the quantity.If you are ordering more than one of a particular braided wig, and you want them in different colors or customizations, please, tell us about your needs in the additional note section before you checkout or email us at lafrihair@gmail.com

Your Investment

The minimum number of braided wigs is ten (10) wigs of your choice. And we have a dedicated team of braiders that would get your orders done in 3-4 weeks. We are only keeping this to a selected number of Wholesalers because of the number of orders we receive and the number of braiders we have to get the work done neatly as our wigs come with a guarantee.

Discount Prices

10 WIGS - $20 OFF
20 WIGS - $30 OFF
30 WIGS - $40 OFF
40 WIGS - $50 OFF
50 WIGS - $60 OFF

The discount price listed above is per wig. So if you order 20 wigs, it'll be $600 OFF. If you think we'd be the perfect match for your business, fill out the form below to get started.

Discount Prices

Submitting this form means you agree to become a wholesaler partner of L’Afrihair Braided Wigs. You agree that every information or material given to you to enhance your sale is strictly confidential and cannot be further distributed without our consent. Thank You!

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